CR-300 as Part of the Lubinski Group Connected Car Solution

The Lubinski Group partnered with Pointer Telocation to supply an aftermarket OEM connected car solution. The connected car solution is based on an Android infotainment solution, backed with Pointer’s added-value services, using a hardware telematics unit (CR-300) to provide location information and vehicle security.

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Cello-CANiQ as Part of Nissan India Connected Car Solution

Nissan’s connected car solution is an integrated information and communications platform that connects with the customer’s smartphone, offering a variety of in-car convenience services, navigation and safety features.

Nissan India required  a telematics control unit for their connected car technology solution.

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CelloTrack Container Lock for Cargo Monitoring

Satlock was looking for a reliable portable tracking unit that could withstand the harsh environment and long hours of operation that this business demands.

The CelloTrack Container Lock proved to be the best solution available in the market. The CelloTrack’s IP67 standard, huge battery capacity and robust specifications made it a unique alternative for their application needs.

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CelloTrack Nano & MultiSenses Used in Supply Chain Management

Navisat’s challenge was to create a solution that would deliver full control of system operations while at the same time remaining cost-effective and compatible with multiple industry open standards. The first phase was to resolve which hardware could answer this challenging requirement, in binding together all the different parts of the supply chain – the manufacturer, distributors, retailers, and consumers – into a single smart monitoring solution.

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CR-300B in Car Tours Through Scandinavia

The ScanCoveryTrial is a unique and challenging tour in which the drivers – who are not familiar with the route – need to drive more than 7,000 km in one week in snow, ice and temperatures that can drop to -47 °C. Therefore, there was an obvious need to find a solution to help protect the drivers’ safety and help the organizers manage the administrative aspects of the tour. Geotrack was able to answer all these challenges by providing a platform consisting of their software, and CR-300B units.

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