CR-300B in Car Tours Through Scandinavia

Geotrack Telematics B.V. , a Cellocator partner, provides innovative and affordable tracking systems for tracking and determining positions of vehicles and other objects through detailed maps on the Internet. Geotrack is a sponsor of ScanCoveryTrial, an organization that organizes annual car tours through Scandinavia with more than 100 teams and a special destination each year. Based on their software and Cellocator’s CR-300B 2G hardware device, Geotrack has been providing the tracking platform for these tours over the last seven years.
The upcoming edition of this tour starts on January 6th, 2017 and ends on January 15th,
2017, and its unique destination this time around is the Lofoten Islands.

The Challenge:

Guiding The Drivers and Protecting Their Safety

The ScanCoveryTrial is a unique and challenging tour in which the drivers – who are not familiar with the route – need to drive more than 7,000 km in one week in snow, ice and temperatures that can drop to -47 °C. Therefore, there was an obvious need to find a solution to help protect the drivers’ safety. The organizers wanted to know the teams’ locations at all times and to be able to inform them in case they headed off in the wrong direction. Additionally, because weather conditions are tough, speeding is not an option; ScanCoveryTrial needed speed monitoring with alerts so that drivers exceeding the permitted speed limit could be penalized.
As the teams don’t know the route, there was a need for a navigation tool to guide them along the route and lead them to the next point. In other words, when drivers reach the next point on the route, they needed to receive notification of the next coordinated point. This would also help the organizers manage the administrative aspects of the tour. And, finally, there was also a need for a solution that would automate time registration.

The Solution:

Fleet and Security Management Solution

CR-300B™ – Cost-Effective Fleet and Security Management Solution & Geotrack’s Software
Geotrack was able to answer all these challenges by providing a platform consisting of their software, and 120 CR-300B 2G units.
The CR-300B device, pre-programmed with the relevant geo-fences and all the coordinated points, is placed on the dashboard just before the tour starts. Geotrack receives the route in advance and programs all the different waypoints in the units (90 geo-fences), so that the driver can navigate easily to the next point. When a team arrives at a certain point, the CR-300B unit sends an event to Geotrack’s platform, automatically initiating an SMS and an email, which are sent to the driver to inform them about the next point.
Because the system “knows” at all times when drivers cross a fence, it is able to calculate the points for driving time/distance. In addition, geo-fences that measure the driving speed are defined, so that in cases where a driver exceeds the speed limit, the driver will receive penalty points. This means that all the required data is calculated automatically, enabling ScanCoveryTrial to announce a definite winner at the end of the tour.

“The high quality and accuracy of the CR-300B enabled us to answer all the challenging requirements of ScanCoveryTrial and protect the safety of the drivers in the tour.”
André Pen, owner, Geotrack Telematics BV.

Results & Benefits

Ensured Safety of Drivers During The Tour

Safety in these kinds of events is paramount. The platform provided by Geotrack helps ScanCoveryTrial ensure the safety of drivers during this tough-conditioned tour, while easily managing the administrative aspects of the tour. The fact that the system calculates almost everything automatically enabled ScanCoveryTrial to have an efficient and cost-effective administration in place, eliminating the need for other resources to manage the tour.
In fact, due to their experience during the tour, many of the participants have decided to start using the hardware with the platform on a daily basis, or at least integrate it in some way within their own companies.
Both ScanCoveryTrial and the participants of the tours have been very satisfied with the platform provided by Geotrack and the CR-300B hardware used in the vehicles – leading ScanCoveryTrial to choose Geotrack’s solution for the seventh year in a row.
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