CelloTrack Container Lock for Cargo Monitoring

Satlock is a Colombian-based company providing services within the logistics, supply chain information, security electronics, surveillance and telematics. Satlock was founded in 2011 and is a joint venture between two companies with over 50 years of experience in electronic security systems development, port security and surveillance services. The company is operating in more than eight countries in South and Central America through Franchises.

Satlock combines in-house software platform and application development, tracking and monitoring seals in addition to trained personnel, in order to deliver turnkey container & cargo tracking with monitoring solutions.

Among Satlock’s customers are Falabella, Damco, Kuehne + Nagel, Panalpina and Nestlé.

The Challenge:

Reliable Tracking Unit for Containers in Harsh Environment

When Satlock started offering their cargo monitoring services, they were looking for a reliable portable tracking unit that could withstand the harsh environment and long hours of operation that this business demands.

An electronic portable unit attached to a container, traveling for weeks through very harsh weather, vibration, blows, etc. requires an extremely robust solution.

In addition, Satlock was looking for a device with long battery life, as they needed to guarantee their customers that the devise would keep reporting at a quite high transmission rate throughout the whole trip, even for weeks in international operations, in order to ensure security to enable operational efficiency.

Satlock tested several devises for long periods of time, but most of them simply broke down after some weeks in normal operating conditions.

The Solution:

An Electronic Robust Tracking Solution For Containers

After many failures and lots of resources spent, the CelloTrack Container Lock proved to be the best solution available in the market. CelloTrack’s IP67 standard, huge battery capacity and robust specifications made it a unique alternative for our application needs.

The CelloTrack Container Lock is an electronic robust solution based on the CelloTrack Power, offering an agile tracking and cargo monitoring for containers with almost instant installation and removal, eliminating the need to open the container and interfering with logistics operations such as authority inspections, transport, loading and unloading. It provides information on where the goods are at any given point, if there are any bottlenecks along the way and most importantly if the container doors are being opened, thanks to the advanced tampering reporting capabilities of the CelloTrack Container Lock.

The company’s personnel install the CelloTrack Container Lock on the container doors and Satlock’s specialized 24X7 monitoring station together with their state of the art cloud solution tools enable effective cargo tracking and monitoring to improve risk management KPI´s. The company has motorized personnel along the roads to verify and confirm any detected event. Satlock provides their customers with real-time reports regarding the cargo and gives them access to a web-based software platform where they can access statistical information about their logistics operations.

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"I strongly believe we are able to offer one of the highest service standards in the market today and I´m sure we owe this in a very high degree to the technological tools we rely upon, since they constitute the source of our information system, being the CelloTrack Container Lock one of the corner stones of our infrastructure."
Teodoro Despiniadis, Founder & CEO, Satlock

Results & Benefits

  1. Product durability – Satlock tracks over 30,000 containers annually with approximately 1,800 container locks using CelloTrack as their core tracking devise and except replacing some of the batteries after three years of operation; they have devises over five year old working in perfect conditions.
  2. Increased supply chain visibility:
    • Real-time Information of the entire operation with a single data base information platform.
    • Decrease in safety stocks
  3. Increased cargo traceability:
    • Integrated statistical data of the entire process
    • Better Information to spot logistics KPI´s Improvement opportunities
  4. Improved planning and operational efficiency:
    • Green lanes benefits – decrease in border control
    • Protection from drug contamination
    • Lower Insurance premiums due to better risk management
    • Lower Security Costs (Cargo Escorts)
    • Reduction of cargo theft – piracy
    • Peace of mind to the end customers

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