Cellocator Supplies Vehicle Security Equipment for Athens 2004 Olympics

Cellocator Supplies Vehicle Security Equipment for Athens 2004 Olympics

Athens,Greece--11 August 2004-- The Olympic Games are undoubtedly the top international sporting event with global importance and exposure. Security at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games looms large as the most significant parameter for their success. Vehicle security is one facet of this complex security operation. Over 4500 public vehicles, including police cars, ambulances, fire engines, port authority vehicles and VIP cars, need to be protected and safeguarded. With security threats ranging from petty car theft to terrorist attacks, it is imperative that the precise location of each and every one of those vehicles be known at all times.

The Greek Ministry of Defense has contracted Wackenhut Telematix, a member of the Group 4 Falck global security giant for this complex and highly responsible task. They have in turn selected Cellocator’s AVL and fleet management equipment to be fitted in over 4500 vehicles for the Olympic Games.

During the Olympic Games, Wackenhut Telematix will be providing the command and control room with real time information about the entire fleet of the Greek police, fire, ambulance, port and secret service vehicles. “This is by far the largest telematics project inGreece, and probably one of the top ten inEurope” says Michael Maltezakis, General Manager of Wackenhut Telematix. “With Cellocator’s smart Compact units in place, our operators are able to view the allocation of the emergency vehicles on a large scale map, easily identifying geographical coverage of the forces. They will locate an incident on a highly detailed street-level map, find the nearest vehicle by type, and send navigational information to selected vehicles, guiding the driver to the precise destination”.

“The Cellocator Compact unit is exceptionally small, enabling covert installation deep inside the interior of the vehicle, to avoid discovery and tampering,” explainsAmnon Duchovne-Nave, Cellocator’s founder and Managing Director. “The unit is connected to the vehicle’s most essential devices, enabling full remote control by the command center operators. The unit also provides the technological means of ensuring that only authorized drivers are using the vehicles.” A special distress button lets drivers instantly signal any emergency. In such a case, the operator can remotely lock the car doors or vaults, hit a siren and even totally immobilize its engine.

The whole system will be using the new Tetra secure digital communications network, set up especially for the Greek emergency services.

Cellocator™ Ltd. has been in the forefront of wireless communication and location technology since 1997. Its experts specialize in developing and manufacturing the hardware and software for on-line wireless vehicle security, communication and control systems. Over 60,000 vehicles worldwide are outfitted with Cellocator’s products.