Q3 Newsletter

Newsletter Q3 2013

A message from our VP of Sales & Marketing Dear partners,I would like to thank all of our partners who participated and attended our seminar in Prague.The presentations showing the integrated systems were very impressive and informative, and showed some great features of using our Cello-IQ and DFD system for driver behavior, Eco driving and fleet safety. We hope that the seminar program and materials would help you introduce this innovative solution to the market.

For any integration issues and questions, you are welcome to contact us.

Looking ahead, I am happy to announce that we have started preparing for the launch of a complete line of exciting products, including a new generation of the CelloTrack, based on Cello HW platform, and additional products with 3G communication technology, Multi-GNSS positioning engine and more. One of the first products we plan to launch is Cello CANiQ, a high end unit, supporting CAN & OBDII connectivity to allow variety of vehicle-data-processing enabled applications such as remote diagnostics, vehicle and driver performance monitoring and fuel savings.

In addition, we plan to conclude 2013 company events with a seminar in Q4 in LATAM for our partners in the region, especially since a lot of you could not make it to Prague. More details will follow soon.

Meanwhile, I wish all of our partners a great summer and I look forward to seeing you again in person.


Noam Cimand
VP Sales & Marketing  

Recently Released!

  CelloTrack 3G – Fast and Cost Effective Asset Tracking DevicesThis new version of CelloTrack Family is designed to support network and cellular operators bands and technology in North America, i.e the US and Canada in the first phase. The CelloTrack 3G line will bring to the market a fast and cost effective asset-tracking device, which enjoys the accumulated experience and knowledge gained from current CelloTrack product families.

Coming Up


New Generation CelloTrackThe new CelloTrack architecture, which will be available soon in 2G version as well, will incorporate SIRF IV positioning engine, improved enclosure with dual tampering detection mechanism, flexible GPIO configuration, enhanced logic engine supporting features migrated from the Cello family and more. The devices offer two I/Os for digital/analog inputs and/or output for applications such as fuel and temp sensors, and more.Stay tuned for the formal release announcement.


Cello CANiQ - CAN & OBDII connectivity for a variety of applicationsCello CANiQ is planned to be the highest-end solution within Cellocator's Cello-family, eventually replacing the Compact CAN. The unit will support CAN & OBDII connectivity to allow variety of vehicle-data-processing enabled applications such as remote diagnostics, vehicle and driver performance monitoring and fuel savings.The Cello-CANiQ eliminates the need for two separate and expensive boxes, delivering vehicle connectivity unique features on one box while the other box manages the rest of fleet management online capabilities. Cellocator intends to expand its supported vehicle libraries proposition and to provide vehicle inspection services as a complementary solution.The Cello-CANiQ will support:

  • Direct connectivity to J1939 vehicle data bus or ISO-15765 via OBDII connector
  • Flexible and configurable filtering, triggering and reporting logic engine
  • Enhanced Safety and ECO driving application (CSA) taking advantage of data retrieved from the vehicle bus like RPM, fuel level and flow rate, speed etc.
  • Continuous vehicle health insight using Diagnostics trouble codes monitoring.
  • Optional DTCO integration (D8 serial port and CANBUS) (2nd phase).
  • On-board SD card infrastructure for provisioning of advanced GIS–based features (2nd phase)
  • Hybrid GNSS (GPS + GLONASS)
  • Scalable communication technology (2G, 3G)
  • Full backward compatibility with Cello-F and Cello-IQ features.

Partners who wish to participate in the beta please contact us at:sales@pointer.com

Crash Detection Processing for Cello-IQWatch the clip to see our new Cello-IQ crash detection system: it recognizes 8 different impact zones. The system starts in a crash situation and broadcasts data in real time. In addition, the system offers programmable emergency distress signal, with the location information.

A New Cello Platform – More advantages from CelloFamily!A new platform for Cello and Cello-IQ devices offering the following advantages:

  • Scalable communication engine providing Band diversity, selection of communication technology (GPRS, HSPA) and option for future expansion to CDMA
  • Improved and enhanced hybrid GNSS supporting GPS and GLONASS systems simultaneously to deliver shorter TTF, better accuracy and jamming immunity.
  • Extended Dallas 1-wire BUS supporting up to 4 Dallas based temperature sensors on top of existing driver and trailer ID capabilities.

The new Cello platform is backward compatible in terms of features set, interfaces, protocols and SW tools.


Thank you for attending our seminar!

LATAM partners - Where do we meet next?

Planning our LATAM seminar, we’d love to hear what you prefer. Please send your feedback using this online poll:https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/82LV3Y6Thank you!
Join us at Telematics South East EuropeJoin us at Telematics SEE to see demonstrations of our Cello-IQ and additional solutions and accessories. To set a meeting please email us at sales@pointer.com


Watch the eLearning module to Cello-IQ to:

  •  Identify customers and target markets
  •  Learn how Cello-IQ can help resolve challenges in the market
  • Review Cello-IQ benefits and features

Support and Documentation Updates

As part of our efforts to present you with highly useful documentation resources, we continue to improve the existing documents and create new, relevant documents and guides. Some of the latest documents available are:

New! Evaluation and Integration section

Latest Firmware versions:

Additional documentation updates are regularly made in our Knowledge base section of the site. If you require access please contact your sales manager.

If you have any success stories that you would like us to publish on our Facebook group, any queries, comments and suggestions, please contact sharonam@pointer.com