Cello-IQ High-End Driver Behavior System Increases Driver and Fleet Safety for G4S

THE CHALLENGE Organizations employing large fleets, which are operated on a daily basis for a variety of tasks, often face the challenge of drivers’ safety and fleet operational costs. These companies seek efficient and comprehensive solutions for managing their fleets and increasing savings, driver safety and vehicle’s wear and tear. With these goals achieved additional savings can be gained via lower insurance premium fees, fuel saving and more.

THE SOLUTION The Cello-IQ system installed by G4S can detect, warn, measure and report a variety of parameters, including over-acceleration, sharp turns, sudden stops, braking while turning, braking before turns, accelerating while turning, accelerating after turns, off-road driving, roadside stops, irregular speed, swerving and idling.  The system also reports accidents, whether light or severe.


G4S is the world’s leading international security solutions group, which specializes in secure outsourcing in over 125 countries, and sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat. G4S Israel Group installed Cello IQ – a high-end driver behavior management and fleet safety system. At the first stage, the system was installed in 50 security and patrol vehicles.  Tens of additional vehicles will have the system installed at the second stage.


Driving Behavior Management - Detects, processes, logs and reports a wide set of events and/or raw data concerned with hazardous or aggressive driving behavior (“Safety” features).

E-Call & Emergency Data Recording (EDR) - Detects, logs, reports and uploads accident events and accident raw data for later crash event reconstruction on the server side.

Eco Driving Management - Detects and reports events which feature uneconomical and environment unfriendly driving in terms of fuel consumption, emission and accelerated wear and tear (brakes, axles, engine, etc. – “Eco” features).

On-board Trip Level Scoring - Provides trip statistics information, which includes Eco scoring and Safety scoring based on the information gathered and processed on-board during a trip.

Driver Coaching - Provides continuous real time, visual and/or audible feedback to the driver, via a dedicated “Driver Feedback Display”, regarding the risk level of the driver’s driving and hazardous/ uneconomical event identification.


Driver Feedback Display (DFD) unit, an optional Cello-IQ system module, is installed on the dashboard, providing vocal and visual feedback on a variety of driving maneuvers, for an effective real time drivers' coaching. The DFD is now available in numerous languages, with the ability to add any language as needed.


“What’s so unique about Cello- IQ is that it monitors the driver, and encourages him to improve his driving, while providing feedback in real time- as opposed to other existing systems which only analyze the driver’s behavior later on.  The CELLO-IQ system units installed in G4S’s vehicles are the size of a GPS Tracking Unit , and use DFD displays (Driver Feedback Display).  The system provides the driver with audible display (in a variety of languages to choose from) and visual display.  At the same time, it also sends data back to his manager in the central office in real time.Ilan Goldstein, Head of Pointer division, Shagrir Systems, Israel


Cellocator, Pointer Telocation’s Product Division, is a leading Automatic Vehicle Location Device (AVL) technology provider with more than 1M units installed globally and regional offices in the US and India.